Indian Classical Music Circle 
Indian Classical Music Circle (ICMC) of Dallas/Fort Worth is a non-profit organization dedicated to the presentation of traditional and contemporary music and dance from India and the Indian sub-continent. Since its inception in 1983, ICMC has built a comprehensive concert series and is regarded as the premier promoter of Indian classical music and dance in Dallas/Fort Worth and the surrounding area, by consistently presenting at least five culturally diverse concerts a year for the benefit of its members and the general public.

ICMC's mission is to entertain, to interest and educate its members and the general public and to significantly contribute to the multiethnic heritage and the cultural vitality of the city through its concerts.

ICMC seeks to serve as the platform for the world-renowned as well as the budding, the international as well the as local exponents of the Indian performing arts, where they can bring forth enhanced exposure, awareness and appreciation of the rich legacy of India's ancient and diverse culture.

Structure and Role
ICMC's finances and operation are managed by the Managing Committee, which consists of a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and 3 to 5 trustees (some preferably from the past years' committees to provide continuity). The managing committee is elected at the general body meeting prior to the beginning of the ICMC fiscal year and the concert season (that is, the first of January). An extended group of volunteers is also formed during this meeting. The general body meeting is open to all members and to anyone interested. The venue and date for the meeting are announced at the last concert of the season and details are also mailed directly to the distribution list.

The structure of the management committee and the roles thereof are broadly defined, responsibilities tend to be shared across multiple individuals and the working relationship within the team is based on dedication, friendship, fun, mutual cooperation and respect. The most important role is that of the president who provides focus, direction and leadership to the management committee as well as the volunteers. Various roles and responsibilities such as venue coordination, artist correspondence, media coordination, promotion, fund raising, systems administration etc. are assumed by motivated individuals and/or teams.

The managing committee and the group of volunteers meet on a regular basis, approximately once a month or once a two months, depending on the frequency of concerts planned for the year. These meetings are held at a previously agreed upon public place for 2 to 4 hours to discuss the logistics for the upcoming concerts and the status of potential future concerts. At every meeting, the agenda and schedule for the next two meetings are tentatively planned, and gradually made firm closer to the actual date. Regular communication between the members of the managing committee and the group of volunteers take place, primarily via e-mail and/or on the telephone.

Managing Committee for 2024
President Mihir Patel, Director, Commercial Development, Occidental Chemical Corporation (214) 336-3459
Secretary Laxman Subramanian, Sr. Vice President, Mr. Cooper Mortgage LLC -
Treasurer Vrashank Shukla, Design Engineer, Texas Instruments -
Trustee / Board Member Shantanu Bhattacharya, Vice President, Red Stone Resources -
Trustee / Board Member Dr. Ajay Agarwala, Principal Engineer, BAE Systems -

Advisory Board for 2024
Sharad Elhence Head of Process Excellence and Strategy, AmplifAI
Akhila Rao Director, Kathak Rhythms
Devki Pande Director, Swarmantra Academy
Sanjit Bhattacharya President, Red Stone Resources
Pallavi Deshpande UX Research Intern at IT BY DESIGN
Indian Classical Music Circle of D/FW