Shahid Parvez

Shahid Parvez hails from the famous lineage of the ‘Etawa Gharana’. He is the grandson of Ustad Wahid Khan, the Surbahar and Sitar virtuoso, and the younger brother of Ustad Inayat Khan. Recognized as a child prodigy, Shahid gave his first public performance at the age of eight. Since then he has had a meteoric rise and currently he is recognized internationally as one of the top performers of Sitar.

While Shahid Parvez is famous for his outstanding ‘gayaki’ style exposition of the raaga in its introductory phase, the ‘alaap’, he has achieved a remarkable balance between the ‘gayaki’ (i.e. vocal) and the ‘tantrakari’ (i.e. instrumental) style of playing classical music. Shahid Parvez has performed at numerous festivals in India and has been on successful concert tours throughout the world.